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Package: libwps
Name: Microsoft Works file format library
Description: libwps is a Microsoft Works file format import filter based on top of the librevenge. libwps is a library (for use by word procesors, for example) for importing the Microsoft Works word processor file format. As of December 2006, the project is new, but it imports Works format versions 2, 3, 4, 5 (aka 2000), and 8 with some formatting. The scope of this project is just a Works word processor import filter, so there are no plans for supporting an export filter, spreadsheets, or databases. Currently, libwps can import all word processing Works formats since about 1995 with some success. It may also be able to import some basic database and spreadsheet files.
License: GNU LGPL 2.1 and Mozilla Public License 2.0

Homepage: http://libwps.sourceforge.net/
Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/libwps/files/libwps/


Version: 0.3.1
Date: 2014-12-30
State: Stable

libwps-0.3.1.tar.xz (checked: 2015-04-03)

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