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Meta data

Package: libksba
Name: Libksba is a CMS and X.509 access library
Description: Libksba provides an easy API to create and parse X.509 and CMS related objects. Libksba is a library to make the tasks of working with X.509 certificates, CMS data and related objects more easy. It provides a highlevel interface to the implemented protocols and presents the data in a consistent way.
License: GNU GPL 2; GNU GPL 3; GNU LGPL 3

Homepage: http://gnupg.org/related_software/libksba/index.html
Download: ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/libksba/


Version: 1.3.2
Date: 2014-11-25
State: Stable

libksba-1.3.2.tar.bz2 (checked: 2015-03-09)

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